Instructions for prosthetic appliances

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How to apply your new prosthetic makeup

In addition to the prosthetic you have purchased, there are a few additional materials you will


Adhesive with matching remover

Example adhesives are:

Pros-Aide , Spirit Gum, Medical Adhesive, or Liquid Latex

 You’ll also need:

Rubber Mask Grease Paints, Airbrush makeup, or A makeup kit

No-color loose powder such as baby powder

Powder puff

Makeup sponges or brushes

Black stipple sponge or the square end cut of a fish tank

filter sponge


Eyelash adhesive

Rubbing alcohol and Which hazel

Applying the prosthetic

Make sure to clean your skin thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or an astringent.

For registration, hold the prosthetic against your skin to test the fit.

You might have to trim the edges if it overlaps into your hairline, etc. Don’t remove

too much of the tissue thin edge, you need it thin to blend into the skin. (FYI – Any time you can

tear off loose edges will make it easier to blend into your skin than with a pair of scissors)

When you have found the location to apply your prosthetic, use your baby powder and puff  to dust all over the top of the prosthetic while holding it in place. When you remove your appliance you will see the powder outline from the over dusting.

This will help you glue it into the right place.

Apply the adhesive to your skin, starting in the center most point. For full faces, this is the

nose area. For smaller pieces, use your best judgment.

Then apply the prosthetic onto the glue on your skin, following the registration.

Once the center is secured in place, glue the rest of the prosthetic one section at a time.

For example, do the chin, then forehead, etc. If you need to, stretch and move

the prosthetic around to make it fit where needed, glue almost all the way to the

outline line on your face, but leave about 1/4 inch of skin unglued at the edge.

Once most of the prosthetic is glued on, go back and glue down the edges. Be careful not

to let the thin edges fold under. If this happens, use some rubbing alcohol on a

makeup brush to dissolve the glue and loosen the edge back out.

The prosthetic should be completely glued on. Now to blend the edges into the

skin. The best way to do this is dip a cotton swab into which hazel and gently apply to the edge of the appliance. This will dissolve the gelatine blending it into the skin.

After you have blended all the edges apply powder over the entire edge. This will make it easier to see if there are any edges that still need blending.

Once the prosthetic is blended, powder the entire thing and you’re ready for


Painting the prosthetic

HELPFUL TIP: Always use less makeup than you think you’ll need. You can always

add more.  It’s a lot harder to remove excess than it is to apply more.

Some makeup options are PAX (Pros-Aide adhesive

mixed with acrylic paint) or airbrush makeup.

Whatever you use, start with a base coat in the skin tone you want your character to have.

Apply a thin layer of makeup to the entire face, both prosthetic and your skin. You can use

either a makeup sponge, brush, or your fingers, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Make sure you get it into all of the fine details of the


Cover it really well with a heavy application of powder pressed firmly into the makeup using a

powder puff. Brush off any excess powder with a powder brush.

Next highlights and shadows. Highlights should be a shade or two lighter than the

skin color and shadows should be a shade or two darker. Look at any areas that light naturally casts

highlights or shadows on and emphasize them.

A neat way to add texture such as freckles or stubble, is to use a black

stipple sponge. You can buy these at most costume shops, or you could cut a square out of a fish tank

filter sponge.

Dab the sponge into the makeup to get a small

amount, then lightly stipple the makeup onto your face. You can play with different colors for

all sorts of great texture effects.

When your makeup is finished, powder over it one last time to set. If there is excess powder that

won’t brush away, you can remove it by “wet stippling.” Just use a makeup sponge and

stipple on a little water. It will remove the powder, without effecting the makeup. You can

also stipple with KY Jelly. Just be ware it will make it shiny for a while. Which, could be a neat effect


Once you’ve finished your makeup, you can add costumes, wigs, teeth and or contact lenses to complete your character.

Removing the prosthetic

Grab a small cup or shot glass and fill it with the appropriate remover for the adhesive you

are using. Use a soft brush soaked with the remover to gently lift an edge of the

prosthetic, then slowly peel the prosthetic off of your face as you work the remover with

the brush underneath it. Go slowly, don’t pull the prosthetic off without first dissolving the adhesive or

you will pull your skin. If you’ve used liquid latex as an adhesive, you can just peel

the prosthetic off without any remover.

If you’re planning to reuse the prosthetic, lay it flat and let the adhesive remover

evaporate. You might need to powder the inside of the prosthetic

after it’s dry if there is still any stickiness left from the glue.

Make sure you remove all of the glue and makeup from your skin. You can use baby

wipes or cold cream to remove the last of the makeup and leave your skin fresh, clean

and healthy.

MAGDollsFX is not responsible for any misuse (intentional or unintentional) of our products

by the consumer. The consumer agrees to follow all instructions and assumes all liability when

using this product. All products and instructions are provided in good faith, and do not express or

imply any warranty or liability from the manufacturer. Use this product at your own risk.

Last but not least, and most importantly, remember to have fun!

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