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Cut open hand wound

Halloween is here! I’ll be posting pictures of wounds, zombies, and much more!

Here’s a simple  hand wound made of just blood and wax.

More shop pictures


New shop Pics! :D

We have hit pause



Everything has been on hold since June. We moved the hair parlour and were going to be moving our special effects studio into the same space.

Once we get everything organized and back to normal we will be posting some more pictures of our projects and back to working on our B movie.


Gary hydrocal Dali style

We were able to cast again in the same alginate head mold so we used hydrocal this time.

The Wax Gary, Salvador Dali style!


Our head cast kept on collapsing into the wax, so we ended up with a salvador dali style head cast!

clamp boxes


Shear mold before cleaning it up

pretty 🙂

More Experimenting Prop Mold Making

Examples of Gel 10 with no deadener and with 100% deadener and an example of 74-30 poly with accelerator.

First Mold making for prop scissors

Waiting for cure.

Clay barrier